Assess HR Operations for Efficiency (Course Coming Soon)

HR Operations involves many services to a customer based composed of employees, managers, unions, vendors, and external regulatory agencies. Poor operations and business processes can bog down delivery and management causing frustration to our customers and poor program management. Assessing efficiency identifies areas that need attention whether it is poor technology, bottlenecks, poor data governance or upskilling of staff.

Design Your HR Technology Transformation (Course Coming Soon)

All technology has a shelf life. If you are in digital overload, it might be time for a new HR Information System. A good rule of thumb is a shelf life of about 10 years to fully ensure a return on this large investment. When you are ready to upgrade your tech, the best approach is to start with assessment and planning before you talk to someone in sales. By conducting an analysis of your needs and business requirements first, you are educated and informed and you’ve gotten IT on your side. Now your conversations with vendors will be led by you.

Build Your Business Case (Course Coming Soon)

Developing a Business Case is an exercise in critical thinking and ensures you build a justification for your project before you ask for a commitment of resources. It forces the project team to gain sponsorship from executives by showing the return on investment and creating metrics to validate the return over time. The trick for HR is that many times, the value is lost in translation. HRPMO training helps you develop the skills needed to think objectively about your project, plan for any negative push-back and stay the course to bring the value to the organization.

Project Management for HR (Course Coming Soon)

HR is constantly involved in executing projects. Using a standardized methodology helps planning, resource management, and timing. But HR has unique challenges because of our visibility. HRPMO’s training is designed to upskill your project management capabilities by customizing the application of project management to Human Resources projects. Visit our HRPMO University page!


Human Capital Strategy

Innovation is the design and development of something new, as yet unknown and not in existence, which will establish a new economic configuration out of the old, known, existing elements.

It will give these elements an entirely new economic dimension. it is the missing link between having a number of disconnected elements, each marginally effective, and an integrated system of great power. – Peter Drucker

This is the opportunity of “human capital strategic management”. The re-imagining of Human Resources expands our concept beyond the “human element” of the workforce to embrace the full breadth of HR’s sphere of influence on the organization. Whether you call it HR Strategy or HC Strategy – being fully strategic means practicing strong fiscal and program management on one side and leadership and management development on the other to reduce risks and facilitate a path to empower the workforce of an organization and empower strong performance. 

After 20 years of working in the field with Finance and IT professionals, we’ve learned a thing or two about leveraging proven business management methodologies to apply them to Human Resources and achieve quantitative as well as qualitative business intelligence. Our new journey is about teaching our HR colleagues how to do the same.  By applying these methodologies to Human Resources operations, challenges, and strategic planning, a strategic plan can be designed that is founded on achievable goals and current capabilities in the short term as HR leadership works to improve and upskill.  Harder, stretch goals are deferred until capabilities are ready making execution of your strategic plan smoother and more organizationally aligned.  


The methods include business analysis, capacity capability modeling, risk management, project management, program management, cost/benefit analysis, gap analysis and more. These battle-tested methods and strategies yield high quality results when applied to Human Resources and help us empower you to improve your organization. In fact, thousands of employees in organizations just like yours have benefited from improvement in their Human Resources services because of HRPMO’s guidance and training on “how” to improve leadership, HR Operations and service delivery. We don’t focus on theory – we’re all about application and how to get the work done. 

Empowering the performance of Human Capital Strategy ripples throughout an organization to accelerate leadership, good management, accountability, and workforce performance which in turn facilitates innovation, revenue growth, improved customer satisfaction and success.

Through HRPMO University, we bring training in these quantitative business skills powered by our experience with 200+ projects for clients working on real problems and challenges. We want to empower our HR colleagues to help you incorporate these tried and trusted methodologies into your skill set. 

Our courses are provided through a variety of delivery methods including webinars, in-person seminars, virtual online training that is self-paced, and if desired customized training for your HR team. We provide a complete ecosystem of training, resources and community. The focus of HRPMO University is on dynamic instruction and hands-on continuous learning on the application of structured business skills to HR challenges. 

I recently participated in HRPMO’s HR Strategy course on a self-paced track. The course was incredibly useful as it really clarified how to create strategic goals that were aligned with my organization’s goals, and how to understand and evaluate the HR trends in the news vs. my organization’s capabilities and needs. On a scale of 1-5, I rate it a 5 and look forward to other courses offered through HRPMO U. The training upskills my business skills and provides me with “how-to” real world application.

Melody, HR Director, Texas


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