HRPMO University

HRPMO University’s Story

The idea for HRPMO University comes from the experience of professionals everywhere. Many times, a professional is hired into a new position – a supervisor, a manager, a vice president, a business owner, or someone on a project team – and they are asked to develop business analysis, investigate a potential project such as purchasing new software, or develop a new strategic plan. Executing these types of tasks requires more than one methodology – they require blending different skills and methodologies to create a holistic understanding of the problem, measure its impact, and develop a plan.

Many professionals have not been exposed to this type of business analysis, investigation, or analytical reasoning when they encounter the need for it. Often, they are forced to seek education in a fragmented way that does not provide a method of holistic application to a problem and they have to figure out how to use their newly acquired skills.

The idea for HRPMO University is education for professionals on how to develop an approach to a task, goal, or investigation based on critical reasoning that is objective, quantified, and defensible. How to socialize your project with your stakeholders and your executive team. How to design your approach, plan for resources, build a reasonable timeline, and add a little project management. Our education will teach how to blend methodologies to develop business intelligence that first educates you about the problem, then supports your analysis and decision making process so you are your own champion.

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