HRPMO as a Service

Projects are a part of business. An organization must respond to its customers’ needs as they change, changes in business partners, and new legislation on a constant basis making change inevitable.

Because change is inevitable, projects are inevitable because that’s how change is implemented. Every organization has a multitude of active projects simultaneously in various parts of the enterprise to create or redesign products or delivery to customers, upgrade business processes, or improve financial management.

HRPMO offers “HRPMO as a Service” (HaaS) as a portfolio management tool to manage multiple projects through one consolidated project management resource. By enrolling in HaaS, your organization can respond to multiple projects’ needs more quickly, access resources on an as-needed basis through our recruiting service, track the progress – spend – and return on investment across all projects, and manage all through one flat fee per month for administration while project specific costs are allocated to the project budget. By enrolling in HAAS, your team has access to a just-in-time talent, skills, subject matter expertise and project management immediately without “re-inventing the wheel” each time you have a new project or a new project need. Leverage a “on demand” project management team

Examples of HaaS tiers and Services are:

  • 12-months – 500 hours devoted to up to three (3) projects
  • 24-months – 1,000 hours devoted to up to five (5) projects
  • 36-months – 2,500 hours devoted to up to eight (8) projects

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