Our Mission

Meet the President | Kristie K. White

HRPMO’s mission is to provide vendor neutral business intelligence to organizations to improve operations and “empower performance.”

Empowering performance means managing change – to keep the organization finetuned and balanced to meet the demands of its customers and its workforce. It is inevitable and the only way things improve.

HRPMO was created to support organizations’ efforts to change by blending change management and project management to create a holistic approach to change that integrates the support of behaviorial change with the nuts and bolts of project execution to make the change happen. First, our teams are composed of the specific blend of talent and expertise you need to achieve your project goals. Then, using a blend of standardized and trusted methodologies, we customize our approach to your specific project goals. With the team in place and the approach defined, a “project management” infrastructure is applied to provide organization, measurement and document business intelligence that is developed by the project. Finally, change management events and tools are integrated into the project plan and deliverables to facilitate the adaptation of the workforce throughout the length of the project – not just as a add-on of training at the end.

At HRPMO, we believe in the Prosci ADKAR approach and the integration of change management and project management. Our methodology continuously integrates getting the work done with building acceptance of the future state to improve project success. Our experience in hundreds of projects has developed deep strength in project management, the process of change, communications and training and the components needed to successfully navigate from today’s current state of operations to the desired future state.

HRPMO is structured as a virtual company – working with our clients onsite when necessary – but working remotely as much as possible from our home offices to minimize our disruption to your operations. We are a woman owned business headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and originally founded in 2002 under the name of HR Logistics. We have served clients in the private and public sectors, but have shifted almost 100% into the public sector since 2014 because it is our way of supporting our communities.

HRPMO has served clients all over the United States including Oregon, California, Washington, Texas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. We pride ourselves on being client-centric and accountable for your success by structuring our engagements to maximize your return on your investment with HRPMO.